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Discover our ski school, where we offer private lessons for all ages and levels. Our goal is to teach you, evolve with you, and perfect your skiing technique. With passionate professionals, fundamental values, and quality attention, we guarantee you an unforgettable experience.


With extensive training and experience in the industry, we take pride in offering professional and top-quality instruction.


Innovation in teaching, tailored to all levels and ages, ensuring a unique and personalised experience for each student.


We take a friendly, family-based approach, and promise to provide the service you expect.


On our rental equipment if you have classes or guidance booked with us

Beginners ski classes

Whether you are an adult starting out, or a child venturing into the world of skiing for the first time and want to take your first steps in the snow, our ski instructors are here to help you gain confidence and fully enjoy your snow experience. In our school, we accompany you throughout the learning process, ensuring you feel comfortable and safe while gliding down the snow. Let us be your guide in this exciting snow adventure!

Intermediate/ advanced ski Classes

In our intermediate and advanced ski classes, we use technical exercises specifically tailored to your level and individual needs. Our personalized approach will help you reach your full potential and improve your skills in different snow conditions and on different slopes. Trust our school´s professional instructors, who will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and achieve your skiing goals. Join us and take a step forward in your snow adventure!

Freeride lessons

In our freeride classes, we offer you the opportunity to explore and enjoy the best off-piste descents. This exciting approach will take you beyond the usual routes, allowing you to experience true freedom in the mountains. Our off-piste classes are designed to adapt to your skill level and improvement goals. Whether you are an intermediate skier looking to delve into the world of freeride or an expert seeking more intense challenges, our instructors will ensure your experience is safe and rewarding. Come and join us for an unforgettable off-piste adventure!

Guided tours around the resort

Discover the most beautiful corners of Baqueira with our guided tours around the resort. Immerse yourself in Val d’Aran and Pallars Sobirà as you explore the environment and culture of our territory.
This experience combines skiing, exploration, and learning, offering you an authentic immersion in the region’s environment, culture, and history.

Ski and snowboard for companies

We offer personalized ski and snowboard classes for companies, tailored to the number of days they want to attend. We create unique experiences that promote bonds between colleagues, teamwork, and cooperation. Our mission is to build a motivational atmosphere that encourages commitment and engagement from all participants as a cohesive team, helping you successfully achieve your company’s established goals. Companies like Grupo Almar and Grupo Miura have trusted Monitor for two consecutive winters for their ski outings in Baqueira.
Join us to create lasting memories while strengthening your team bonds in the snow!

Adults club

At Monitor, we want to tell you about two exclusive groups that meet on weekends and holidays in Baqueira Beret. Groups formed by women passionate about skiing, and veterans with a high level of experience in the sport. These groups gather regularly to share their passion for skiing and improve their skills on the slopes of Baqueira Beret. The adult club offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the sport in the company of like-minded individuals.


At Monitor, we are passionate about offering you unique experiences, which is why we collaborate with HeliSkipro (pyrenees heliski) and CMH (ski arias), to provide you with an unforgettable adventure in the Aran Valley.

We are here to guide you every step of the way, providing the information you need to fully enjoy heli-skiing in this incredible environment.

Collaboration with HeliSkipro and CMH: leaders in the heli-skiing industry. Together, we ensure that your experience is safe, exciting, and full of adrenaline. Do you want us to accompany you on this adventure? We are delighted to do so. Our expert guides will be by your side to ensure you make the most of every moment in the mountains of the Aran Valley.

Annual trip to the Alps with Monitor

Every year, in November, Monitor organizes an annual trip to the Alps with our clients. This special tradition takes us to explore renowned ski resorts, enjoy the beauty of the Alps, and live three dreamy days in the mountains.
Want to see what our adventures in the Alps are like?
Check out our video summary of our annual trips here.


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Passion, Excellence, Experience, Fun, and Respect. Our methodology makes us unique.