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Since the beginnings of the ski resort, we’ve been the pioneers, the spark that ignited the passion for sports in the Aran Valley. Pablo Bravo, an Aran local with an indomitable spirit, was skiing down the meadows of Salardú when he was just a young man, without the use lifts to get up. His skill in competition soon marked him as a star.

Over time, Pablo took the reins of the Naut Aran Hostel, now known as Era Garona, a refuge for young people seeking knowledge and training. He was a fervent participant in the creation of TEVASA (Telecables Valle de Aran SA), now known as Baqueira, a crucial piece in the history of skiing.

His passion for teaching led him to become a ski instructor. Alongside a select group of colleagues, he founded the EEE de Baqueira (Spanish Ski School) in 1964, a milestone that marked an era. For over 25 years, Pablo was the director of this institution, a period that coincided with the birth of the first ski lift.

This entity later took on the name Era Escòla, a tribute to his legacy. Our history is filled with passion, dedication, and love for skiing, and we want to share every memorable moment with you.

Welcome to our story, where the heart beats to the rhythm of the mountain!

Alongside six friends who were also teachers, Pablo Bravo founded the sports store Monitor. Over time, some of them took different paths and are now part of the Bravo Morelló family.

Pablo’s sons, Remy and Pau, inherited their father’s love for skiing and continued his legacy. With the patience and support of Manuela, Pablo’s wife, Remy and Pau live for and enjoy skiing to this day. Both were part of the alpine ski teams of FEDI, now known as RFEDI.

Pau Bravo has taken his father’s legacy a step further. Currently, he is a Level 3 Senior Sports Technician (TD3) and a teacher trainer for ski instructors. Familiar with many renowned stations worldwide, he has worked in various South American stations and skied across half the globe. He has maintained his connection with competition as a coach at CAEI and a teacher at Era Escòla. Additionally, he was one of the founders of Ski Camp and its director in the early years. Since 2011, he has organized heliski trips to Canada with CMH. He is also a Instructor Level One instructor of PMBIA (Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association).

Together with Pitu Brunet, a partner and brother-in-law, they run Monitor, a sports company dedicated to the sale and rental of skiing, snowboarding, and touring equipment, and more.

Pitu is also a Level 2 Senior Sports Technician (TD2) in alpine skiing and a Level One Instructor of PMBIA.

It’s essential to note that Pitu comes from an equally exciting but very different world: he was the runner-up in Spain for windsurfing and catamaran, with three Copa del Rey sailing regattas and two European runner-up titles in his record. Alongside his father Augusto and his brother Tato, he created the sailing school LAS ANTÍPODAS (Calpe, Alicante). Augusto Brunet, Pitu’s father, was a sailing pioneer and a key figure in our country, leaving his legacy in tuition by writing the first books on this sport.

On the company’s 50th anniversary after more than 25 years of teaching, they launched a new department for skiing and snowboarding lessons and guides excurions.

Two fundamental pillars join the team:

Juanki Larequi, a Navarrese from Aoiz, residing in Baqueira since 2008, has been linked to the world of snow and two wheels for over 20 years. He has dedicated his entire life to working in specialized sports stores and has also worked at the Álvarez Albero SA factory. He is also an alpine ski instructor.

Nacho Urquia, the latest addition to the Monitor family, is a 29-year-old Vallense, a true lover of the mountains and their serenity. As a ski instructor and senior outdoor activities instructor, Nacho brings experience and knowledge to our team. His dedication and enthusiasm for sharing his love for the mountains with others make him a valuable member of Monitor.

Our history is woven with threads of pasion, dedication, and commitment. Each member of our family has contributed with their love for mountain sports, and we hope you continue to be part of this exciting journey with us.

We believed in the vision of a few and continue to evolve with them.

Welcome to our story, where the adventure never ends!