We are specialized in snow sports and we offer you the best product of:

  • Alpine Skiing: from the race range through all-mountain to free-ride and free-style
  • Snowboard: state-of-the-art equipment of free-style/free-ride
  • Ski touring: both for those who go down in front, crossing, like those who do it on the side, splitboard

We have the advice of great professionals, with extensive experience as users, testers and sellers of our products. We stand out for providing solutions and having a very efficient after-sales service:

  • Ski test: try the material before you buy it, you can do it with most of our models
  • Customized boots: we customize both the casing and the boot
  • Security material: backpacks, arvas, shovels, probes, etc.
  • Accesories: The best brands of helmets and glasses. Quality gloves for all tastes. Material heated with e-warm technology: boots, gloves and socks
  • Complements: Protections, socks, thermal clothing, etc.


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